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Trade And Contract Management

  • Capture all the information of deals done on phone or email to generate Deal sheets.
  • Capture Spot Contracts, Paper and Physical Contracts, Forward Contracts and Paper Swaps, Long Term Sales/Purchase Contracts, Spot and Forward Forex contracts. Group one or more contracts for the purposes of defining P and L.
  • Create new deals using information from previous deals.
  • Automatically prepare Contracts using information from the deal. Choose from pre-defined contract formats or standard templates.
  • Create and edit available templates to create a new contract template for future use.
  • Exchange draft contracts with the counterparty to mutually agree on all the terms before generating the final contract.
  • Digitally sign and stamp the contract.
  • Access the Contract Folder/Depository to view all generated and received purchase and sale contracts
  • Email alerts for contract dates, expirations, renewals, key date information, and approvals

Resource and Risk Management

  • Get access to Position List, Marked to Market report, P&L report, Financial Status report and Inventory Valuation report.
  • Effectively manage counterparty credit risk (Define credit limits and alert configuration).
  • Set threshold based approval rules for key activities like Contract Generation, LC Application generation, Invoice generation, Cr/Db Note Generation, etc..
  • Manage trade strategies and get access to strategic benchmarking reports.
  • Alerts (Payment alerts, Operational Alerts and other pre-defined alerts).
  • View consolidated reports for Group Companies.
  • View consolidated receivables and payables report including Ageing Report.
  • Counter risk by using what-if analysis and other risk management tools.
  • Get access to other customized business analytics reports.
  • Receive all the reports automatically on email at preset intervals.

Pricing Data Capture

  • Pricing Data Capture (PDC)
    • Capture Pricing Information from Price Publications using any of the below methodologies-
      • Automatic Electronic Feed at preset intervals using data exchange adaptor.
      • Manual upload of data in pre-defined format (xls, csv, xml).
      • Manual entry of pricing data.
  • View Forward Pricing curves using available price points.
  • View Product Spread curves.

Inventory Management

  • Mark buy/sell transactions as “Move to storage” or “sell from storage”.
  • Maintain multiple warehouses/tanks in multiple locations for multiple products.
  • Stock Register: View the stock in and stock out entries for a given warehouse/tank for a chosen time period. View the closing stock for a given warehouse/tank any time. Maintain details of transit and storage loss and manage any claims.
  • Stock Valuation: View the current value of stock in a given warehouse based on both total cost (FIFO, LIFO, Weighted Avg) as well as current market value of the stock. View a report of the closing stock product wise and the market value of the same.
  • Handle “Breaking Bulk” and re-packing.
  • Handle Drumming, Decanting and Blending processes.
  • View Goods in Transit Report.
  • Generate Incoming Stock Advise to warehouse/tank operator.
  • Generate Delivery Order for Sale made out of the stock in warehouse/tank by multiple modes including Trucks, Railcar, ISO Containers, Barge and Ship load.
  • Receive/Generate Goods Receipt Note And Goods Delivery Note.
  • Capture BL information including mode of transport (railcar, barge, etc) and the relevant costs involved for a given transaction.

Trade Finance Management

  • Automatically prepare the LC application using information from the deal on the buy side or check the buyer’s LC application against the deal details on the sell side.
  • Automatically send the LC application to the relevant banks’ intranet system through custom made secure data exchange adaptors if available .
  • Buyer and Seller can mutually agree on the format of the LC application before sending the LC application to the issuing bank.
  • Banks can exchange Draft LC with the buyer before issuing the original LC.
  • Lower trade finance delays and costs by eliminating the need for amendments.
  • Prepare all the documents as per the instructions in the LC. Use the platform to ensure that all the document are free from discrepancies.
  • Ability to integrate with SWIFT (MT 700) to automatically extract LC conditions from the received LC.
  • Automatically prepare and submit export documents to the bank/buyer.

Trade Operation Management

  • Send Vessel Nomination to counterparties.
  • Compare the accepted vessel nomination and recap before accepting the vessel.
  • Prepare and send BL instructions from LC instructions/Documentary instructions eliminating errors.
  • Prepare and send Survey instructions from LC instructions/Documentary instructions.
  • Track Product/Vessel Movement.

  • Plan/Schedule shipments
  • Manual/Automatic generation of demurrage claims. View a consolidated report of total demurrage paid/claimed v/s total demurrage received/claimed.
  • Generate and view demurrage ageing report.
  • Generate and maintain LOI ledger to effectively control/monitor legal risk.
  • View a summary of every Deal and capture all the relevant information relating to the deal from time to time (BL information, costs, etc).
  • Execute and view a variance analysis of trade related cost estimations v/s actuals (For example, demurrage, freight, storage, etc).

Trade Documentation Management

  • Generate Invoice and Cr/Db Note automatically using pre-defined formats.
  • Multiple formats to handle different requirements for Customer, Customs and Excise Invoice.
  • Generate Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Quality, Certificate of Quantity, Packing List and other customized documents as per LC/Documentary instructions through MT 700 integration.
  • Upload documents generated outside the platform and exchange the same instantly with counterparties.
  • View, save and print all the documents of a transaction from a single page.
  • Instantly exchange documents with counterparties, banks and other government agencies.
  • Option to print and forward any activity/report in the platform.
  • Option to export and save reports in excel/pdf formats.
  • Archive/arrange all transaction related documents in a depository for easy retrieval, auditing and other purposes.